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Securing data access on the iSeries database

How do you secure files from ODBC connections? I have tried by placing IP port restrictions on the user, but ODBC appears to connect using job QZDASOINIT, which is running under user QUSER. Can any connections be made if I restrict QUSER?
Good question! While it appears that all jobs are running as QUSER when you do a Work Active Job (WRKACTJOB), OS/400 has actually performed a "profile swap" and is running as the user making the request. In other words, it runs as the profile that was entered when the initial connection to the system was made. Therefore, you can restrict individual users or groups from accessing a particular database file. By using the Edit object authority command (EDTOBJAUT) command you can give a user *EXCLUDE authority and then they will not be able to access the database through ANY interface -- including ODBC. If you are just trying to prevent selected users from accessing selected database files only through ODBC (but not FTP or DDM or a command line) then you may want to consider purchasing a third-party exit program solution. There are about 12 vendors that provide these solutions.


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