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Securing Operations Navigator -- revisited

A question about securing Operations Navigator was posed to you on August 31 of this year.

Both of your answers required the ability to manage the application from the PC side. In my world, I have very little or no control of the PC because many of them reside at the client site. The developers and application people generally have enough access to hurt themselves. (This is changing thanks to your Experts? Guide to OS/400 &i5/OS Security book. Thank you!

Here are some examples of problems that really happened to me:

1. User A has *Change authority to file "A". The user goes into OpsNav/Databases/Libraries/File "A" and changes a key field. Destroying that function of the application and taking me hours to figure out. Especially without an audit trail, but I'll save that question for later.

2. User "A" has *All authority to development file "B". The user goes into OpsNav/File Systems/Integrated file System/QSYS.LIB/Library 123/File 'B'. Right clicks the file and attempts to drag the file to a new library and their finger slips from the mouse and because of the lag in OpsNav they don't know for sure were the file was dropped. (An object search found it before there was trouble, but this could have been murder -- or at least suicide.

Is there a way to secure OpsNav functions from the server side?

The short answer is No. App Admin is the closest you'll come to being able to control the users access to iSeries Navigator function. But with enough knowledge, it could be by-passed. It's a good first line of defense, however.

The real answer is to implement object level security. That way, whether the user is accessing the file through iSeries Navigator functions, a Web application, ODBC, sockets, the command line, etc, the object level authority is in effect.


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