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Saving and restoring job scheduler jobs on AS400

AS400 backup and recovery expert Kenneth Graap offers some advice about saving and restoring job scheduler jobs.

On our development AS/400 my co-worker was trying out a TAATOOL that would save to a file and restore back the job scheduler jobs. However, not everything was saved. So when he restored we lost many job scheduler jobs that were on hold or just one time runs. Is it possible to restore the job scheduler jobs from the last full system save?

The default job schedule entries are contained in a special object type of *JOBSCD. The object name is QDFTJOBSCD in library QUSRSYS.

You cannot create, delete, rename, or duplicate the job schedule object, or move it to another library. The job schedule object can be saved and restored though. If you restore this object from BU, you will have all the entries that were in it when it was saved.

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