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Save components of the SAVSYS individually

The SAVSYS consists of saving the LIC, OS/400, user profiles and configuration. Is there a way to save each of the above components of the SAVSYS individually to different tapes?

OS/400 has a couple of commands that partially answer your request.

The SAVSECDTA command saves all the security information on the system, including user profiles, authorization lists and authority holders, without the need to take the system to a restrictive state. This save can run independently of the SAVSYS process and so can be written to it's own tape.

The SAVCFG command saves all configuration and system resource management objects without the need to take the system to a restrictive state. This save can be written to a separate tape too.

The Save System command (SAVSYS) saves a copy of the Licensed Internal Code (LIC) and the QSYS library in a format compatible with the installation of the AS/400 system. It has to run from the system console in a restrictive start and actually creates several files on a single tape. You can specify on the SAVSYS command to omit the configuration and security data it you wish.


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