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SQL packages on remote servers

ISeries expert Kent Milligan offers AS/400 advice on SQL packages to remote servers.

We have four AS/400 570s. We currently use DDM to read files from one system to the other, and even from LPAR to LPAR.

Now we are starting to use ILE COBOL/SQL using RDB entries for the system.

The programs are creating *SQLPKG objects that the AS/400 is having us place the remote AS/400 before letting us run the SQL program to access the remote database.

Also, if we change the program, the system gives us an error on the *SQLPKG object on the remote system and we then have to run CRTSQLPKG to recreate the package on the remote system.

1.) Is there a way to run ILE programs that access our remote without needing to create *SQLPKG on the remote system?

2.) If we have to use these *SQLPKG objects on the remote system, can we update them when the SQL program is run?

1.) No, an SQL package is needed to store the access plans for the SQL statements that are being executed on the remote server.

2.) No, whenever an SQL program is created, a new consistency token is generated to ensure that the statements in the program and remote package are kept in synch. That is why the package needs to be recreated. I would suggest ensuring that the program recompiles are kept to a minimum.

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