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SQL 7's DTS function to copy data from an AS/400 file to a SQL table

I'm attempting to use SQL 7's DTS function to copy data from an AS/400 file to a SQL table. I'm using a Client Access ODBC DSN to connect.

When I try to execute the copy, I get the following error message.

"ODBC error: [IBM] [Client Access/400 ODBC V2 Driver][DB2/400 SQL/ SQL0113 - Name "*N" not allowed.

I found a suggested solution that I should use the ADDRDBDIRE command to rectify the problem, but don't know if this is appropriate or what parameters to include.

You found the correct solution. Indeed you have to add a name to your local as400 data base.

ADDRDBDIRE is used in the following manner:


Be sure to restart the TCPIP database servers to activate this change:

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