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SNDNETSPLF command -- How does it work?

When I use the command SNDNETSPLF from one AS/400 to the other AS/400, the spoolfile on the target AS/400 always goes to HELD. Is there a way for the spoolfile to show as released on the target system?

I did a quick test on my systems and I was unable to duplicate what you are seeing. You may need to contact IBM to figure out why it is working differently on your systems. In the mean time, here is some additional information for you to consider in regard to how the SNDNETSPLF command works.

By default, the value for DTAFMT on the SNDNETSPLF command is *RCDDATA and will duplicate the following spool file attributes to the target system:

If *RCDDATA is specified on the Data format prompt (DTAFMT parameter), the following attributes of the spooled file are kept:

 o  File name                                                     
 o  Number of copies                                              
 o  Characters per inch                                           
 o  Drawer                                                        
 o  Form type                                                     
 o  IGC data indicator                                            
 o  Lines per inch                                                
 o  Page length                                                   
 o  Page width                                                    
 o  Page rotation                                                 
 o  Font name                                                      
 o  Print text                                                     
 o  Diskette label                                                 
 o  Diskette creation and expiration dates                         
 o  Diskette code type                                             
 o  Diskette exchange type      

The spooled file is sent in the existing lower function format. Some functions will be removed from data that is sent in this format because the format does not support advanced functions. Use this format for sending spooled files to a System/36, System/38, or a System/370.

When transferring spool files between AS/400's in my network, I always us the *ALLDATA value:

The spooled file is sent as it exists, without loss of attributes. All spooled file attributes required to reproduce the file on the receiving system are also sent. Use the *ALLDATA value to send spooled files to Version 1, Release 3, Modification level 0 or later releases of the AS/400 system.

Try using the *ALLDATA value for the DTAFMT parameter and see if that helps.

Making sure the file is not held on the source system of course. If it is held on the source system it will remain held on the target.

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