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SMTP server values

Since the last IPL(720 #2062) the CPU util has been ++++. I noticed that QTSMTPSVSR had a PJ using 40% and another SMTP PJ 30%. We don't use SMTP on the 400. I checked the SMTP configuration and found nothing except the defaults. I stopped the server and util mback to normal. What caused this to happen?

I'm not 100% sure what caused your problem to occur but if you set the SMTP server values to AUTOSTART(*NO) that should fix it. The problem in the past has been in the order that the TCP host servers started. My system has a modification to the QSTRUP CL so that the CL controls the startup of the TCP servers. We end all TCP servers and restart them using the *ALL paramter, and it seems to work. It adds an additional 3-5 minutes to the startup.

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