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I have a SFL with SFLPAG = 22 and SFLLIN = 5, resulting in 2 columns of 11 SFL records each. Each SFL record has 3 input fields. The RRN's run 1-11 down the left column and 12-22 down the right column. The cursor moves through RRN1 in the left column and then to RRN12 at the top of the right column. How do I make the cursor move through all input fields for RRN1, then down to the first input field for RRN2 rather than over to RRN12? I tried SFLCSRPRG (Cursor progression), but this keyword is not allowed with the SFLLIN keyword.

I am not aware of any easy way to do this. In processing the file in your HLL, you can use the keyword SFLNXTCHG to only read records that have changed. The Operation Code in RPG/RPGLE is READC, and in COBOL it is READ NEXT MODIFIED.


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This was last published in December 2001

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