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SEU on the iSeries

We have a S/390 running VM/VSE. We use XEDIT for the VM editor. We are converting to an iSeries. In XEDIT, we have a ZZ line command that does either a single line copy (Z) or a block copy (ZZ on starting line and ZZ on ending line). The copied lines are written to a separate file so that these lines can be inserted in any source member as many times as needed by using the ZF (Z following or Z before). The copied lines are cleared from the file by doing a ZZ CLR. How can we do something similar to this in SEU on the iSeries?
There is no equivalent SEU line command. However, it is possible to write an SEU Exit Program which will provide the Z/ZZ line commands in SEU. Read the SEU manual for information on how to create such a program. I have an example, which is too large to include here, which inserts lines from other source members.

(There appears to be a limitation to the number of lines which can be inserted in this way, which I have not yet found a way around -- maybe someone else can help me!)


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