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*SECOFR vs. *SECADM when working with user profiles

I would like to know what is the difference of *SECADM ADN *SECOFR of user class (*USRCLS) when I add a user p...


When creating or changing a user profile, the value specified for the User class parameter defaults the special authorities the profile is created with. The Special authority can be overridden to name specific special authorities, but it normally defaults to the settings associated with the user class.

The *SECOFR user class defaults to give the user all special authorities.
The *SECADM user class defaults to give the user *SECADM special authority.

The user class parameter is also used to default the menu options users see on IBM menus. Other than these two items, the user class is never used. Many people think it is used during the OS/400 security checking algorithm, but it is not.

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