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SAVSYS through batch jobs

I have read your comments regarding the inability to perform SAVSYS through batch jobs and what not. If I used a transfer job (TFRJOB) command, would this allow a CL program to be used to perform the SAVSYS?

Your question is probably one of the most common questions asked about backup recovery on the iSeries.

The SAVSYS process on the AS/400 or iSeries/400 system can only be run from the system console while the system is in a restricted state. It can not be submitted to batch in the QCTL subsystem. This is just how IBM has defined the process.

Several third-party backup recovery products have a feature where the SAVSYS process can be run unattended, but it still requires that it be run from the system console in a restrictive state.

Maybe someday IBM will redesign the IPL process to allow the SAVSYS process to run during an IPL. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do something like this:


The system would be powered down, restarted, perform a system save while in a restrictive state and then run an exit program that would either restart the system or continue the backup process. Well, we can dream, can't we?


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