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SAVF by FTP on AS/400 -- error "source file not found"

On the AS/400, if you don't specify the correct commands on the "source" system to locate the source file, you will get the source file not found error when you try to use FTP. Ken Graap provides an example of using FTP to transfer a save file from a source system to a target system.

I am trying to transfer SAVF by FTP from one AS/400 to another. I receive an error message that source file not...

found, even it was created before and exists.

Is there anything special I should do ?

If I understand your question, you are saying that the "source" file doesn't exist. The "source" file is the file you are copying from. The file you are copying to is referred to as the "target file." You seem to have created the "target" file before attempting the FTP transfer. This is correct.

You are probably not specifying the correct commands on the "source" system in order to locate the "source" file, the one you want to transfer. Here is how I'd use FTP to transfer a save file named S02SavFile from my "source" system (S02) to a "target" system (S17)…

On the "target" system (S17) I'd create an empty *SAVF called S02SavFile:


On the "source" system (S02) I'd issue the following commands to transfer save file QGPL/S02SavFile to the "target" system (S17):


220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.

Enter login ID (keg):

===> KEG  

331 Enter password.

Enter password:


230 KEG logged on.

OS/400 is the remote operating system. The TCP/IP version is "V5R4M0".

250 Now using naming format "0".

257 "KENNETH" is current library.


250 "QGPL" is current library.


200 Representation type is binary IMAGE.


250 Now using naming format "0".

257 "QGPL" is current library.

227 Entering Passive Mode (198,5,59,160,200,133).

150 Sending file to member S02SAVFILE in file S02SAVFILE in library QGPL.

226 File transfer completed successfully.

146653056 bytes transferred in 15.614 seconds. Transfer rate 9392.253 KB/sec.


That's all there is to it …

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