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SAVF FTP on AS400 LAN: 504 Binary image transfer required for save files

Use the FTP subcommand BIN to set up for a binary image transfer prior to conducting SAVF file transfer between AS/400 machines.

I'm trying to do a AS400 to AS400 FTP of a SAVF within the same LAN. However, I'm getting a message of 504 Binary...

image transfer is required for save files. What do I do?

Use the FTP subcommand BIN to set up for a Binary image transfer…

In this example I'm connecting to a system named S17.gasco.com, signing on as user KEG, and issuing the "bin" command:

Connecting to host S17.gasco.com
220-QTCP at S17.gasco.com.            
220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes
> keg                                   
331 Enter password.
230 KEG logged on.                    
OS/400 is the remote operating system.
250  Now using naming format "0".     
257 "KENNETH" is current library.     
> bin                                   
 200 Representation type is binary IMAGE. 

Now you can send a binary representation of an iSeries *SAVF…

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