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Running multiple iSeries' in different states

I have an iSeries 400 620 in Chicago running V5R1. I also have an iSeries 640 in Dallas running V4R4. They are not connected by SNA. I can Telnet between the machines. What I want to do is to run a report on the system in Chicago and be able to physically move the report to Dallas where it will show up in my output queue. I've created an IP printer in Chicago with the IP address of a printer here in Dallas. It does print, but it is not on my iSeries here in Dallas. How can I send the spool file from Chicago to Dallas without SNA?

I would probably set up SNA over IP. If you can't do that, I would use one of the utilities to save your spooled file, FTP the physical to the far system, and restore it and place it in the appropriate output queue.


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