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Running into problems with DDM

I am running two AS/400 on V4R5. When creating a DDMF on AS/400 #1 to AS/400 #2 (where the physical file is) a problem occurs. The problem: when I'm trying to do a CLRPFM of the DDMF on AS/400 #1, it gives me error no authority to clear, initialize (cpf3137). My user profiles exist on both AS/400's with *ALLOBJ? After testing more, when I change the value of PUBLIC to *ALL on the AS/400 #2 (was *CHANGE) it finally worked. Seems the system #2 does not verify the security at the user profile level (group profiles, authorization list) and only checks the PUBLIC value. My DDM request access parameter is at *OBJAUT for the network attribute on both systems.

This has been a constant problem with DDM over the years. The problem is that the requests are checked against the user profile QUSER, which should have the same authority as *PUBLIC, and should never be changed. You can grant specific authority to QUSER for this file, and remove the *PUBLIC authority and try it, but I think it is still the same.


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