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Running a query interactively

We have an iSeries 820 with 240/1100 CPWs. We are faced with serious constraints due to some users having access to the command WRKQRY. These users run queries into interactive mode instead of sending it to a batch. We took several actions to inhibit queries into interactive and now we need to know how to disable or inhibit the function 9 (run option) into the system command WRKQRY.

We want to have it set up so that the users always have to send queries to run in batch mode. We cannot change the RUNQRY command because we use BPCS and this system uses this command a lot.

To prevent a user from running a query interactively:

1. Use the Change Command (CHGCMD) command to remove the *INTERACT from the ALLOW(where allowed to run) parameter. ALLOW(*PGM) is not allowed in RUNQRY.

2. Change the authority for the RUNQRY command to state which users have authority to the command.

For further information, you can find this discussed in the QUERY/400 manual APPENDIX D.


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