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Running a job on the iSeries after it has been transferred to a PC

The REXEC command on a PC or the RMTCMD within iSeries Access allows you to call a program on the iSeries from a Windows PC.

I know how to run a Windows command from an iSeries using RUNRMTCMD. I am working on something that requires a job to run on the iSeries after a file has been transferred. Is there a way that a Windows PC can call a program on the iSeries?
There are two options:
  • If iSeries Access is installed on the PC you have a command called RMTCMD that allows you to send commands to the iSeries.
  • On any Windows (even when iSeries Access is not installed) there is a tool called REXEC, which allows submit commands to the iSeries server.
  • Both tools are used to submit "batch commands" with no screen involved.
  • Both tools require start of server on the AS/400. (STRHOSTSVR *RMTCMD or STRTCPSVR *REXEC.)

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