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Run a virus scan/clean on the IFS

How can I run a virus scan/clean on the IFS of a model 170 @ V4R3 CA/400 V3R2? Yesterday I found over 600 files in the IFS with the type (.eml) that came from one user's PC on 9/24/01. It may be the "Nimda" virus. How do I scan the IFS for files with the (.eml) extension? The system is attached to a Novel network. Server is an IBM xSeries. The network continues to get viruses with even with Norton Corporate Edition. How do I exclude pc users to QSYS.LIB? Thanks for any help!

To run a virus scanner against the IFS on OS/400 you must map a drive from your PC to the iSeries 400 (so the iSeries looks like one of your PC drives) and point the virus scanner to run against the IFS.


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