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Run SAVSYS backup in a restrictive state to prevent errors

I want to make a full iSeries 400 system backup. I'm submitting a CL containing the following commands:


When I submit this CL through Scheduler. I'm getting an error at ENDSBS. This is because CL is being running in QBATCH, this itself is a subsystem.

Does it require special authority or something else? How should I proceed?

You need to run your SAVSYS backup in a restrictive state (ENDSBS *ALL) and from the system console. It cannot be submitted to a batch subsystem.

I only run SAVSYS once a month along with a full IPL of the system, in order to apply *DELAYED PTF's. This monthly SAVE process is an "attended" event. However, the operator who runs it is usually onsite for only about two hours as the system IPL's, and the SAVSYS command runs. If there are any issues, someone is there to attend to them immediately too.

There are a few third-party backup packages out that have a feature where the SAVSYS process can be run unattended, but it still requires that it be run from the system console in a restrictive state. The bottom line is you can't submit a process to any subsystem while the system is in a restrictive state -- that is why your CL doesn't work.

Don't forget to run the SAVLIB, SAVDLO and SAV commands too. SAVSYS only backups the operating system , license internal code and security information. You will need to run the SAVLIB command to backup data in libraries, the SAVDLO command to save data in the QDLS file system and the SAV command to backup data in the IFS. Full backup implementation details can be found in the OS/400 Backup and Recovery Manual, SC41-5304.


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