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Returning the error code CWBCO1008

I have setup TCP/IP and Client Access a number of time -- I could do it in my sleep. I'm getting the infamous CWBSY1000...

message. The system is at V5R2. The PC is Window XP using Client Access V5R1 -- plus the current service pack. The PC can make display sessions to other iSeries machines that are on V5R2 and V5R1. Under NETSTAT, all host server applications are listening. Doing a CWBPING from the client, I'm getting a CWBCO1008 with a return code of 8006. I can't fine any information on that return code. I can do a regular ping and a Windows telnet. Any ideas? If all the servers are in listen, the problem may be from network issues. If there is a firewallrouter on the way it may block specific port.

Try telnet to the specific port to see you reach it as follows:

Telnet your_host_name 8476 (port for signon) if it does not answer you, this is network issue and not a Client Access issue.


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