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Retiring and looking for 'off hours' jobs

As I approach 'retirement', and after 30+ years in this field, I would like to find a few good companies that support AS/400 (iSeries) shops. My goal is to perform tasks for these shops once in a while. EX: Install the new O/S400, install cur CUM, setup new 400. i.e. the 'off hours' stuff that we all dislike to do. I am looking for these 'off hours' jobs. Are there any markets in the Mid West? Travel is no problem.

As many senior level candidates reach retirement, consulting is the way to go. Getting clients however is the difficult part, especially in today's marketplace. Depending upon your financial position, you may have to wait until more demand exists in the Mid West. Sign up with at most two good "Consulting" placement agencies. Chicago seems to be your best bet.

As they say "don't quit your day job."


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