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Restrict break messages

We want to restrict/stop break messages from being sent by users -- using either the SNDBRKMSG command or the CALL QEZSNDMG command. One way would be to have *EXCLUDE for PUBLIC on these commands/programs. However, we would prefer to have an option by means of which a user can inhibit such messages from breaking on his screen. Changing the user's message queues (or his device's message queues) to *NOTIFY, obviously does not prevent such messages from breaking. Is there a way out?

Use this command: CHGJOB BRKMSG(*HOLD)

The iSeries command help for the CHGJOB BRKMSG parameter reads like this:

Neither break messages, or messages sent to a signed-on work station through the Send Break Message (SNDBRKMSG) command, are shown for message queues in *BREAK delivery mode. The alarm does not sound for messages sent to message queues in *NOTIFY delivery mode. The user break message-handling program is not started.


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