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Restoring a spool file

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains why a user cannot restore a spool file on his system running on V5R3.

A system is running at V5R3 and does not have BRMS, but the QSPL library is saved on weekly basis. How can we get a spool file restored and get that printed?
At V5R3 individual spool files can not be saved or restored. Saving the QSPL library provides no recovery of individual spool files.

There are several software packages available that provide ways of saving and restoring spool files. BRMS is just one of these products. Basically, they all utilize the CPYSPLF command to a folder or database file.

As of V5R4 though:

Native Spool File Save/Restore via new SPLFDATA parameter on save/restore commands

  • support to save/restore entire output queues (no support for individual spool files)
  • BRMS now uses this method to save/restore spool files

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