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Restoring a SAVF

I am fairly new to the iSeries so this is a relatively simple request. We have an 810 running V5R2. This is basically what I want to do on a scheduled basis of once a week (the savf is around 20 GB):

Restore a SAVF from our primary partition to one of our libraries on our development partition except four specified files (user ID files). I'm not sure how to write a program for this. Would I be using FTP within a program in our primary partition? I also don't know how to write a program.
From what I know about primary and secondary partitions you can do a restore objects from a save file in primary partition to a library in the secondary partition. Do a restore object (RSTOBJ) and when you go to the line that says "Restore to library", specify the library in secondary partition where you want the objects restored.


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