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Resources for iSeries 400 requirements

I am looking for a good source of reference for job descriptions for iSeries 400 operators responsible for requirements covering today's technologies.
Most iSeries 400 shops are looking for operations people that have experience with ERP/MRP packages (i.e. JDEdwards World and OneWorld, Infinium, etc.). They are also looking for experience in multiple platform operations (NT, Web-based, etc.) and experience in implementing and using 4.5 and higher capabilities such as LPAR and fractional processor configurations.

Many shops are consolidating several SXX, 6XX, and 7XX systems into a single larger 8XX or (soon to be) 9XX systems in multiple full and partial processor partitions. Operations people are directly affected by these consolidations and will be expected to be knowledgeable and experienced in these somewhat more complex operations.


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