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Reseting passwords

Reseting passwords

I have the CHGUSRPRF command on a menu so that our network staff can reset a user's profile back to the password of NEW. CHGUSRPRF ??USRPRF() ?*PASSWORD(NEW) ?*PWDEXP(*YES). Is their anyway they can run this command without having *ALLOBJ authority, and can authority be adopted for this?
Most shops have a way for operations staff to handle user profile/password problems such as: a new password, and re-enabling a disabled user profile. You could write a small CL program to execute the CHGUSRPRF command, adopting the OWNER authority of the CHGUSRPRF command. This will allow users -- not ordinarily having access to this command -- to fix up a user profile problem. As is always recommended, you should have system auditing running on your system.


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