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Removing a user profile

I have a user profile that I am unable to remove from the system. The WRKOBJAUT command shows nothing. I run DSPUSRPRF *PRINT on this profile and I still see nothing listed as an owned object. Is there a way I can see what object this profile owns so that I can safely remove it.
Most likely, the profile owns Integrated File System (IFS) objects which can't be displayed using the DSPUSRPRF *OWNOBJ option or it owns internal objects that, for some reason, didn't get cleaned up properly by OS/400 and are hanging around.

To see IFS objects you either have to write to the QSYLOBJA API or you can use iSeries Navigator. Go to Users and Groups -> All Users-> right click on the user in question-> choose Delete. Before deleting you can scan for the user's owned objects. This list includes IFS objects.

If this display comes up empty, most likely it is an internal object and there is no way to display those. (These are temporary objects used in a job and are usually cleaned up by OS/400 at the end of a job.) You can either call IBM or have them look at the profile to determine if that's what the profile owns or you can take the risk and delete the profile, specifying to delete or change the ownership of the profile's owned objects.


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