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Remove character limits from domain or users on RMTUSER

Use the STRPCCMD command or install advanced rexec daemon to allow more characters for a domain/user on a PC network.

I am trying to use the RUNRMTCMD to kick off a batch file on a PC network. My issue is that the PC network has a domain/user which is more than the allowable 10 characters for RMTUSER. There has to be an easier way of doing this, but I'm clueless, and our PC staff is not willing to help.
I tried to solve your problem by using rexec. The rexec command can be used to connect to remote servers to run remote command and it does not limit the length of the user nor the password. However it looks like the incoming remote command server provided by IBM does not like long users at all. So it did not solve the problem.

If STRPCCMD is not acceptable I advise you to consider installing more advanced rexec daemon on the PC.

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