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Remove adopted authority attributes

I'd like to remove the adopted authority attribute from some RPG programs. We are in the process of setting up the system for using adopted authority. We run a program to identify which programs had been compiled in the past with the adopted authority attribute. After identifying them, we run another program issuing the command CHGPGM to remove the adopted authority attribute.

In some cases we received the message, "CPF0541 -- Program XXXXX in Library XXXXX was not changed". Some years ago -- when we had lack of disk space -- for some programs we removed observable information and this is the reason we are receiving the CPF0541. We coded another program to identify the source members for these programs in order to compile them again and we found that we missed some of these source members.

Is there any way to remove the adopted authority attribute for a program without observable information different from compiling it?
In V5R2 (and it may have been as early V5R1), IBM started to keep around enough information about a program that even if you removed observability you could change the User profile parameter to have the program adopt (or not.) Prior to that, if you have removed the observability, you're stuck. In other words, you needed to re-compile the program.


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