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Remote printer problems

I have a Windows 2000 server with ISA installed on it within an iSeries. We connected a remote site with VPN to the iSeries. The iSeries connectivity is working fine now, but we have problems with the network printer at the remote location. We can ping the network printer from the iSeries, but when we want to print something to it nothing happens at all. Print traffic goes through the ISA server so we think something has to be altered there. We already opened ports 9100 and 9101 to support iSeries printer support. Do you have any suggestions?

I came across something similar that may be your case. The iSeries used LPR/LPD in an environment with firewall. The firewall allowed for the LPD port, but was configured to reject "low ports" (< 1024) coming out of the iSeries.

For some strange reason the iSeries LPR client open port <1024 and did not make it, so I would recommend to try and recheck firewall configuration.


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