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Remote journaling to a backup iSeries

I have set up remote journaling to a backup iSeries. Now I need to apply the journalled changes. I don't understand how to use the RCVJRNE command with an exit program or the QjoRetreiveJournalEntries API. Where can I find an example of how it would be coded?

Coding examples are not easy to find. However, I can point you to some reference materials. The CL reference contains examples on to specify the RCVJRNE command. The Backup and Recovery manual also contains information on using this command. The API Reference contains the information on the Journal APIs, and while there are no journal specific examples, the System API Programming manual provides examples on how to use APIs in your programs. The AS/400 Remote Journal Function for High Availability and Data Replication Redbook (SG24-5189) may also be useful for your project, although it does not contain coding examples either.


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