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Recommended Java books

What Java book can you recommend for an RPG programmer who wants to learn Java?

Unless you are already familiar with object oriented programming, the first book that I would recommend that you read is "Object Oriented Technology: A managers guide" written by David A. Taylor published by Addison Wesley ISBN 0-201-56358-4. This is a good high-level look at object oriented programming, terms and concepts. It's also pretty short, about 140 pages.

Once you have a basic familiarity with Java, you will want to purchase "Java In a Nutshell". This is a great reference book.

Back to your original question, I haven't come across any great books to learn Java programming.

There is a book called "Java for RPG programmers" by Phil Coulthard and George Farr ISBN 1-889671-23-1 that looks to be fairly straight forward and geared towards the AS/400. I have not read this book, but I've heard great reviews from people who have.

One that I've personally used is called "Java Programming: Comprehensive" by Joyce Farrell ISBN 0-7600-1070-6. It's good at illustrating and helping you understand the basics of Java, although the "Comprehensive" in the title is somewhat of a misnomer.

If you are into learning from the Web, IBM and SUN both offer free courses to help you learn Java.

If you really want to learn Java programming, I would suggest that you take a Java course at your local college so that you get a thorough understanding of the basics of Java. By only reading books, it's easy to miss some key concepts which will make Java seem a lot harder than it really is. A college course is structured and relatively inexpensive. It also gives you someone to ask if you really get stuck or don't understand something.

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