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Receiving the message "USRQ QTMSFLRCQ2 in library QUSRSYS

After backup I get a message "USRQ QTMSFLRCQ2 in library QUSRSYS previously damaged". How can I fix this file, or may I delete it?

A User Queue (Object Type *USRQ) can only be created by a software call to an API. The fact that the object begins with QTM would indicate that this is part of the IBM HTTP server. I searched the PTF library but did not find a direct reference to this USRQ. The first suggestion is to put in an APAR. If you would rather attempt to fix it yourself, this is a possible solution:

1. Shut down the HTTP server(s) using ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP)HTTPSVR(*ALL).


3. Restart the HTTP server(s) using the STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ALL).

4. Check to see if the User Queue was recreated, or you have a failure starting the HTTP server(s).

5. If there are no errors starting the server, then user queue should be recreated when required, and QRPLOBJ will be cleared during the next IPL.

6. If the missing object causes startup problems and the User Queue was not recreated, you can move it back and put in an APAR.

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