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RCMD command fails

We have to send programs to our customers. For customers that we connect to using TCPIP, we start an FTP session and use the RCMD function to create a member in the source file in the remote iSeries before actually issuing the transfer. The RCMD command fails for some iSeries, and works for others. In the situations that it fails I have verified that the customers do not have any FTP exit programs. What else can I look at on the iSeries to see what is preventing the RCMD command? What exactly do I look for under OpsNav that would enable/disable this feature?

Check the user profile of the failing remote systems. Check the limit capabilities flag in the profile, It should be set to *NO. If it is set to *YES, the RCMD will not work.

To really narrow it down.....check the joblog of the remote FTP server jobs. There may be several FTP server jobs running at any one time, and you may need to check them all to find the one that was processing your session. In the joblog, you'll see a message as to why the RCMD sub-command failed.


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