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Quality of life vs. critical IT environment

I'm the manager of small iSeries shop. My employer is excellent, and my quality of life is good. I feel I've reached the point where my skills (both management and technical) may be better used in a more IT critical environment. By quality of life I mean, primarily, control of my personal time and plenty of vacation. How would you suggest moving to "bigger things' (with bigger pay) while preserving my quality of life?

If you decide to leave your current position, give them my name as a replacement. As you know, the demands placed upon IT professionals are many and varied. The more critical the IT environment, the greater the demands and devotion expected, nay, demanded. If you wish to enter a more exciting, critical, and higher paying environment, you should expect to have less personal time, and less vacation. In general, personal time and salary level is inversely proportional to the 'critical' level. That is, more salary and more demands.

If your 'quality of life' determination is based upon personal and vacation time, then I have little to offer in guidance. If, however, the excitement and professional growth in a 'critical' IT environment can be a factor, then be prepared to devote more time and effort to the responsibilities of the position.

We all wish you luck in your search.


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