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Is there a correlation between QSTGLOWLMT and the ASP threshold setting via SST? If the ASP threshold (SST) is set to 93%, QSTGLOWLMT is set to 5 and QSTGLOWACN is set to send a message, wont QSYSOPR receive multiple messages once both thresholds are exceeded? Assuming both settings are set to the same level QSTGLOWLMT (5) SST(95%), is the intended usage for the SST setting to send a message and QSTGLOWACN will perform additional actions besides messaging? Lastly, how is SNADS affected if QSTGLOWLMT is exceeded before the SST limit?

When the QSTGLOWLMT value is exceeded, this will trigger the exit program QSTGLOWACN to be called. If the default for QSTGLOWACN is set to *REGFAC then, yes the system operator will receive a message. The ASP threshold will also cause a message. If the QSTGLOWACN is set to call a program, the program is called when the value is exceeded. If the value stays below the threshold, the program is called again in 30 minutes. SNADS will stop processing when either are exceeded. So the answers are Yes, Yes, Yes and Shutdown, in that order.


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