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QMF*/QSF* save files residing on the system.

I have quite a number of QMF*/QSF* save files residing on my system. When I display the MF* or SF* PTF's, they...

are either perm., temp. or superseded. What is the process for cleaning up these save files or do I need to keep them on the system? It would make sense to me that the PTF installation (option 8 of the Go PTF menu) should handle these.

When PTF are ordered via ECS (Electronic Customer Support), they are delivered in save files. Option 8 from the PTF menu, uses these save file to load the PTF's on your system. Unfortunately IBM has never provided an automatic way to clean up these files when they are no longer needed. What I do is just prior to upgrading to a new release, right after I've permanently applied all the PTF's on my system, I use PDM to select all the *SAVF's in library QGPL: WRKOBJPDM LIB(QGPL) OBJ(*ALL) OBJTYPE(*FILE) OBJATR(SAVF) I then delete all the PTF save files manually.

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