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Pulling the spooled files to a PC

We print backups of some spooled files for emergencies where the AS/400 will not be available. Instead of printing (and wasting) backups, we would like to pull the spooled files to a PC and if needed then we can print them on the PC printer (LaserJet 4000 TN). When we pull the spooled files to the PC as a text file and try to print the files the page breaks are not right. Is there a way to change the spooled file so that the page breaks are correct?

You will have to modify your process to copy the spooled file to a database file using CPYSPLF CTLCHAR(*PRTCTL). This will place four characters in front of every record. The first three characters are the line number to print, and the next line is the skip entry. This is a skip before printing value. You can then convert the database file to a text file and add in the lines or printer control characters to skip to the correct lines. There is more information in the CL Reference and in most of the language books. If you need a link to the Information Center or the Online Library, you can find them here.

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