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Profile that can no longer access the iSeries

I have a single user profile (my own) that can no longer access the iSeries from any CA function (Ops Nav, the Excel Snap-in, the emulator, etc). I get error CWBSYS1008. The same profile works perfectly well from any 400 sign-on screen, whether green-screen or emulator (Mocha, BosaNova).

My profile is in the QSECOFR group. QSECOFR has no problem with access. Net Server locks no users profiles. The QUSER password is not an issue; QUSER has no sign-on problems. And finally, I have no QZSOSIGN job running, whose log I can interrogate(another recommendation). On my system, it runs for an instant and ends with end code 0. have had this problem for months, through many IPL's and - I think - through our upgrade to 5.1.

I've got a couple of things for you to try to capture the message in the QZSOSIGN job log. This will tell us specifically what the problem is (it could be a variety of things).

To look at the QZSOSIGN job, do a WRKSBS and press enter. Make sure QUSRWRK is started (if not, start it up). Recreate the problem and leave the CWBSY1008 message up on the users screen.

Once you have recreated the problem do a WRKSBS again and take option 8 in front of QUSRWRK. There will be 1 or more QZSOSIGN jobs listed, look at the job logs for these to see if you can find a message related to the user profile with the problem.

If this doesn't work, run the command WRKOBJLCK OBJ(ProblemProfile) OBJTYPE(*USRPRF). Have someone refresh this screen while you recreate the problem -- there should be a QZSOSIGN job attached to this object briefly that once you see it can take an option 5 and then option 10 to see the job log.

Some problems that have caused this message are:

1. QUSER issues (you've already checked that and looks OK)
2. The user profile in question does not have authority to itself
3. The user profile's password has not been changed in a long time (since back at V2R2).

As a last resort, you can also go through holding a job queue to keep the job log if we can't catch the QZSOSIGN job log in the ways suggested above.


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