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Processing database records

If I have a database, how can I select the records I want to process based on the value in a given field in the table? I have an RPG program that processes all records in the table correctly, but I want to limit the records processed by the company field.

You have several options.

1. Use OPNQRYF. You can replace the primary data file you process for input with an OPNQRYF select in a CL program that calls your RPG program. OPNQRYF can use a dynamic select statement to select just the records you want. Using an OVRDBF with a shared access path on the primary input file, your existing RPG program will pick up only the selected records.. very nice.. least amount of change.

2. Use embedded SQL in RPG. Works, but requires changing the RPG program to embedded SQL statements. OK, but embedded SQL in RPG is a lot more work than Java and JDBC.

3. Use Java and JDBC stored procedure. Building on option 1, you can define the CL program with the OPNQRYF as a Stored procedure and access it as a component using JDBC driver from the Java toolkit (5722-JC1 and jt400.jar file). Then you can web-enable this as a service anyway you want: Web browser, Web service, XML etc.


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