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Problems with remote journaling

I'm using the remote journal function to propagate some data to another iSeries machine. Both machines have V5R1 with the newest PTFs. My problem is that the remote journal function ends every night about midnight with message-id CPF70D5 (Code 4). So I've to activate the remote journal function every morning again. We've already replaced 2 hubs and a switch to exclude network errors, but the error still appears every night.

Known descriptions about this CPF70D5 are not really helpful: Remote journal function has been ended.

Any idea? Is there a timeout for the remote journal function, if no changes have been done on the journalized PF's for 2 hours?

I've experienced similar problems with our remote journaling environment. After hours of time on the phone with IBM, we were never able to come up with a definitive answer to what was going on either.

Your solution to restart the remote journaling process is probably the best you can do...

My solution was to create a process that would wake up every few hours and check to see if remote journaling was active. I did this by trying to start it again. If it wasn't active, this restart attempt would take care of the problem. If the restart didn't work, the problem usually was associated with the remote side so I would submit a remote command resetting the remote side and then try starting it again.

This solution has worked very well for me. I used the IBM advanced job scheduler (IJS) to schedule this job to run every 2 hours. IJS executes this program with the *RESTART parameter first. If I encounter any major error, the program ABENDs. IJS then automatically executes the program again with the *SHUTDOWN parameter followed by another execution with the *RESTART parameter. IJS also initiates a pager message indicating there was a problem with remote journaling. 99% of the time this process fixes the problem. This may sound a bit confusing so, I've attached a copy of my program for you to take a look at too.

Notes: My program example maintains a remote journaling environment for several journals, not just one and the name of our remote system is S17.


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