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Problems connecting through CA/400

I installed a new AS/400 (270 with V4R5). I tried to connect PCs through TCP/IP network with CA/400 V3R2(Lastest SP). On the AS/400 side I create a line (ETHLINE on a 2585 network card) (all parameters by default just autocreate controller set to YES) After I create a TCP/IP Interface (All parameters by default) ?

On the PC side I configured the Network on my NT 4.0 SP5 Workstation. Just TCP/IP and NetBeui protocols. - No router nothing special.

I set up a DNS server for the address of my AS/400 (Record type A : as400-270 I configure the AS400 and the PC to resolve IP address in this DNS server.

I installed CA/400 on the PC without any problem. I Installed the latest SP for the CA/400. I set up an AS/400 connection and I started this connection with no problem. I sign with QSECOFR and the password.

The problem is when I start a session connection (5250 emulation in text mode). The emulation seems to start normally (a status bar in the button of the windows goes with every information correct for a second and when the Signon display will display the connection lost, the status bar deletes and no error message is diplayed nowhere. Nothing in the QSYSOPR or the QSECOFR log no Message in the Event Viewer of the PC Nowhere nothing. When I try to reconnect, the same thing, the status bar for a whille and when the logon screen will come Pffff the connection is lost and the status bar is erased.

Can you help me?

Where must I check? What must I do?

The first thing to know is that when connection is established then your communication environment is ok.

The following should be searched on the AS/400, possible reasons:

* The automatic creation of virtual device is disabled (system value qautovrt) and no device is available.

* Some of the host servers are not up (strhostsvr *all)

* you do not have entry for the interactive subsystem to your device.

You should however look for qsysopr messages (that is using a different device such as console that works :)).

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