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Problem with DDS Windows

I have a small problem with DDS Windows that I hope you can help me with. The scenario: I have two programs: Pgm A and Pgm B. Pgm A is a subfile program. I read the subfile entries and determine if there's been a change in the sfl entry. If so, I access the DB record and update. Whenever I encounter a record lock, I display information about the record lock in a window by having Pgm A call Pgm B. The window displays without any problems.

My problem begins when control returns to PgmA (user presses the Enter key and LR is set on in PgmB) the window does not disappear as I had hoped it would. This is important to me because I continue to test the same record being locked and display the same window until there the record is not locked anymore, or the user presses the F3 in PgmB (indicating that they want to abort the DB update altogether). When the F3 key is pressed, PgmA clears the subfile and redisplays (EXFMT) the subfile control record format. In this scenario, the window disappears without any problems.

I used a single record format with the ASSUME keyword and never execute it. The display file is set to RSTDSP(*YES) and it works just fine.


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