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Problem accessing QDLS through the iSeries NetServer

We have a combination of a Windows NT and a Windows 2000 workstation running Client Access for 95/NT and Client Access Express. All users (NT/2000) log on to Client Access with the same profile. However, users using NT workstations are having a problem accessing QDLS through the iSeries NetServer (error message - access denied). If they use the OLD method (non- NetServer) to access QDLS then there is no problem.

When using Client Access for Windows 95 you connect to the iSeries with your profile. You see the iSeries as a mapped drive using your own user in the iSeries, if this user is enrolled in the system directory, you are OK.

When using Client Access Express and the iSeries is mapped using NetServer, NetServer can be configured to use "guest" access (guest is a global iSeries user profile), This guest profile is probably not enrolled in the system directory (use adddire to enroll).


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