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Printing over an Epson DFX8500 and a Fujitsu DL6400 printer

Is it possible to print lists over an Epson DFX8500 and a Fujitsu DL6400 printer out of the AS/400, and which *DEVD must I use?

The EPSON DFX8500 will emulate an IBM 2380 or 2381, so you could select one of those model printers, but you will likely have to reconfigure the EPSON printer to do that. Since Epson uses pretty much the same command language for their printers, you could also select a model printer that is reasonably close (such as EPFX1170) and that would probably work for you too, although it may not support some of the advanced features of your printer. Epson also has pretty good online technical support on its Web site and some of it is specific to the AS/400. The Fujitsu will emulate an IBM proprinter and it also supports the ESC/P command language so an EPSON printer that is reasonably close may work, although it probably will not support the barcode capability of that printer.

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