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Printing or seeing a report of all the IP address connected to the AS/400

How can I see, or print a report of all the IP addresses connecting to my AS/400?

OS/400 has a command that is very similar to the UNIX NETSTAT command....

In fact it is called NETSTAT. The standard OS/400 command that does exactly the same thing is WRKTCPSTS.

This is an example of how IBM has implemented the same command process using two command names. One using the standard OS/400 naming convention and the other using the commonly known UNIX name.

Either command executes the same program and will generate a display showing you all the TCP/IP connections to your system.

Work with TCP/IP Connection Status

 System:   S02

 Local internet address  . . . . . . . . . . . :   *ALL


 Type options, press Enter.

   4=End   5=Display details


      Remote           Remote     Local

 Opt  Address          Port       Port       Idle Time  State     3234       telnet     000:03:55  Established     1120       telnet     000:05:32  Established     1121       telnet     000:05:28  Established     1122       telnet     000:05:31  Established     1123       telnet     000:05:32  Established 

You can use Option 5 to see addition details for each connection and Option 4 will force an immediate end of the connection.

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