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Printing a separator page

Is there a way to have a cover page printout for each spooled file -- without having to change the programs that generated them?

If you just want to print a separator page, you can add it to the output queue. If you want a full cover page for each spooled file giving information other than the user/spooled file/generated date-time or other information that is on the standard separator page, you would have to change the programs that use them, and/or change the printer files, if they are externally defined. If the programs use QSYSPRT, QPRINT or another internally defined spooled file and output specifications only, you can use a pre-call method to override the spooled file to share the open data path. You would then call a utility program to write your cover page. When this program finishes and returns to the calling CL, you would then call the program that will write the rest of the data.


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