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Print to an Datamax Prodigy Plus printer

I would like to print to an Datamax Prodigy Plus printer. I've tried to connect the printer to the serial port on the PC. If I copy a file with commands directly from DOS window to COM1, it works OK. I've connected the printer to the iSeries with Client Express V5R1M0.

I've also created a spoolfile that contains control codes for the printer I'm using to print the file with RPLUNPRT(*NO). I used QWPDEFAULT wscst objects for defining the printer on the PC.

When I release the file on iSeries, I see it in the printer window on the PC (Windows 2000), but nothing comes out on the printer. What could be the problem? On my PC I've installed the printer with drivers from Datamax.

Printer problems like this can eat up a lot of time. You can easily spend weeks trying to figure things out only to find out a year or two later that yet another brand of printer is introduced into your shop and you have to start the process all over again. I would suggest getting a third-party package and use that package to design and print your labels.


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