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Print overlays from the AS/400 using the IBM AFP printer driver

To create .ovl files from the AS/400 to xerox printers it is necessary to download the IBM AFP printer driver.

I've been trying several times to make an overlay printing by using the xerox phaser 6110 and also tried it on the xerox 3119. Just doesn't work. I wonder if you can help me. I scanned the letter head .jpg file I'm using Windows XP. Does it need a special program to be able to print overlays? Would I need a special program to create an .ovl file or there is a program that converts .jpg to .ovl and then everything will work ok? If it requires a certain program, is there a free one to use?

You can create an overlay from any source file, including a .jpg, using IBM AFP printer driver, available from IBM. The driver, and instruction on how to create AFP resources using that driver are on the IBM website.

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